Sunday, December 23, 2007


The premise for this blog is fairly simple. I believe ranting is important. For several reasons. A rant is a vent. It is an expression of feeling and/or thinking and that should be expressed, not bottled up inside. It is also evidence of passion, of beliefs or convictions. There are too many people out there with too little of these. And perhaps, more importantly, it provides opportunity for someone else to rant back at you with a different opinion, a different take, another point of view. And there in lies - hopefully, idealistically - communication, education, and awareness. That can only result in good.

Despite what some people may think, rants do not have to be negative. They do not have to be serious or philosophical. Just an honest thought or an observation of one's world.

I know my family believes that if I have this space to vent in they will no longer have to listen to my ranting. Little do they know, that now they will, not only have to hear it, but they will have to read about it as well.

So I hope to rant, in the coming days and months, about things that confound me, infuriate me, surprise me, amuse me and gratify me. About things that make me smile and things that make me shake my head.

You may agree, or amused...or not. But that's okay, because it's just me.

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Your hubby said...

Welcome to the blogosphere-- I know this will be a very interesting space!!