Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Less than a Man

I'm disgusted. No, it's not the first time. What is it with these guys and their sense of entitlement? Their obtuse denial of their own wrong-doing, their lack of morals, their oblivion of the concept of right and wrong and the basic intelligence to know which is which. Not to mention the ego to think they are above the law. (I am not speaking about the entire gender. There are millions of good, decent and honest men in the world. Thank God I'm married to one of them.)

I'm a New Yorker. I voted for Eliot Spitzer. I knew he sounded too good to be true, but I was hopeful that he could indeed clean up New York. Take on crime. Prosecute the outrage of the average working men and women of New York State. As of yesterday I no longer consider him Governor of my state. I impeached him myself. In my mind.

Truth be told, I would have had more respect for the man if he got into office and said "you know what - it is ridiculous that prostitution is illegal. It is now legal in New York, among consenting adults." Then throw on some health standards and assurances , tax the income and call it a day. I'd agree with that. I agree with that now. But you can't have it both ways. It is called hypocrisy. And it is one of the worst crimes of all.

I have two daughters. I had to tackle the issue of oral sex with them while they were still in grammar school. Thanks to that EVIL, DEGENERATE Bill Clinton. There might be lower forms of scum - but not that many. Now my 17 year old wants a "Client #9 tee shirt. These shirts, in many varieties and colors were available almost immediately after the story broke. I do love the United States of America.

Bottom line - Spitzer is done. He is a hypocrite and a laughing stock. But he is far worse in my opinion. His Number One Job, his Most Important Responsibility was to honor and protect his family. His wife and three daughters. He is a failure as a man.