Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shame on East Meadow

To the Trustees and Administration of the East Meadow School District:

I hope that neither you nor a member of your family ever need the aid of a service animal. I hope one of your children is never put in the position that you, in your insensitivity and rigidness, have put John Cave. I hope you are never forced to fight for the basic rights to an education for a child of yours.

In case you forgot - your positions require you to provide an education to all the children of your district and to uphold the laws of New York State. You say you have made concessions... well, if the New York Division of Human Rights is telling you you are wrong - there is a problem. Maybe your Social Studies department can explain human rights and the law to you. Go find a dictionary and look up the word "dignity". Look up "compassion" while you are at it.

I guess it is safe to say that you can hear your children laugh. And, I guess, your children can hear music and the sound of your voice, their teachers and their friends. As you count your blessings, you should ask for forgiveness too. From John Cave, from his family and from the rest of your school district.