Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kathleen Curry - Look Behind You

Are these people CRAZY? What's in the water out in Colorado?

Seriously - do they wake up in the morning, and go through their entire day without knowing where they are?

Representative Kathleen Curry, acting as chairwoman during a debate in the Colorado Legislature yesterday, said to State Representative Douglas Bruce "How dare you?". She then removed him from the microphone and ended his remarks.

How dare he?

I'll tell her how he dares.

The Constitution of the United States, specifically the Bill of Rights (that she swore to uphold, by the way). Every veteran that ever served this country since its inception to ensure our rights. And, if she just turns around and looks behind her she will see a red, white and blue "thing" hanging there. It's not just a decoration.

Yes, Mr. Bruce's remarks were inflammatory to some, probably most (he called Mexican immigrants "illiterate peasants" in a debate over whether to allow 5,000 immigrant workers to obtain federal visas to work as farm workers in Colorado). And yes he could have expressed his point of view in a more diplomatic way. But let's be truthful here - no matter how badly put(and some people might say just honestly spoken) he has a point worth making. I thought we had too many illegal immigrants already taxing our resources. But that is all beside the point.

BUT, and this is a biggie, he has a right to his opinion AND he has a right to express it. If he went over the line, then the voters step in. That's how our system works.

Minority Leader, Terrance Carroll is considering an ethics violation. These were words, Mr. Carroll. Good God, politicians can steal, lie, screw around(literally) and continually fail to work as they were elected to do, not to mention the deceitful ways they waste taxpayers' money - but that's not violating any ethics? Exercising Freedom of Speech is an ethics violation?

Ms. Curry, Mr. Carroll, Mr. May... YOU should all be ashamed of yourselves.

You live in the United States of America. You are damn lucky to do so.

You should be defending the right of any of our citizens to speak their minds - no matter how much you disagree with what they say, let alone how they say it.

Ms. Curry, you owe Mr. Bruce an apology. You owe your constituents an apology. And you owe it to your state to pick up a copy of the Bill of Rights and
ad it.

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B said...

Right on --

Beyond your analysis of the matter, where I agree with you 100%, I believe that all Americans have an extra special obligation to protect the free speech rights of people named Bruce