Monday, September 29, 2008

For the Love of......Country

Why can't our elected officials stop calling each other names, stop posturing and just do the work they need to do to fix this financial mess.

Why can't reporters, one and almost all, stop trying to scare people with Big Headlines and help solve the problem. I'll settle for one, just one who is not trying to push his own agenda. When I was in school, we were taught that journalism was impartial. Factual. Who, what, when, and where in the first paragraph. HAH!
Now, i guess it is just sensationalism and innuendo.
Punchlines and soundbites.
And Yelling. So much yelling. At each other, at the audience. It never ends.

Until I close the TV.

Back to Washington... I say we lock them ALL in a room. Senators, Congressmen, every last one of them drawing a salary. Bread, water, coffee and chocolate - that's it. Until they do the work we need them to do. The work they are getting paid to do.